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Oldham Era Story About Rose Island

LEO Article About Rose Island  by Bob Hill


 Enjoyed your book & it’s twists. 

Sharon Braun

Loved this book read it in 3 days  

Diana Thone

Terry is outgoing, informative, and all too kind. Her blend of history and fiction is second to none.  

Matt Rodriguez

I just finished Rose Island this morning. I will recommend it to all my reader friends. You have a new calling, keep up the great work. I enjoyed it to the very end, and what a surprise !!. Thank you 

Janet Flader

John Hans Gilderbloom  Terry thank you!  Loved your book a good read! 

This book is amazing! I LOVED it.

Jane Elizabeth Smith

I thoroughly enjoyed my two day adventure of reading "Rose Island"and can't wait to buy a copy for my son and daughter-in-law! I loved all the twists and turns of Rose Island and sure didn't anticipate the ending.  Thanks so much for sharing. I really appreciated how you wove in the historical facts and you really captured the flavor of "The Lou-a-vullians"!  How can I get a book for my children, as they were all 'River Rats' too?

Jayne Merrill


I had no idea Terry Chambers is such an amazing writer. The book is a real page turner. INCREDIBLE! I purchased the book because I live in the Louisville area. -Thought it might just have some interesting tidbits. I had no idea Terry Chambers is such an amazing writer. Picked it up on Sunday morning and didn't put it down until I was finished reading the entire book. WOW!


I really  liked this book!  The writing was very good and it kept me interested  until the very end. I primarily read non-fiction books but super enjoyed  this story for many reasons. It had a lot of historical facts sprinkled  throughout which peaked my interest but the adventure, plot, and  thrilling twists kept me thirsty for more. You won’t be disappointed  with this adventuresome book, it’s very good and well-written! 

Bill Becknell

I appreciate all the work and research put into this project. Chapter one is a blast! Brilliant and entertaining. Every page has a nugget of bygone times or river life references that made me smile. Excited to read more ASAP. Cheers!   

David Laun

I loved this book and felt like I was right there living the lives of each of these wonderful characters that final summer on Rose Island. The book’s descriptions were so vivid I felt like I could be blindfolded and still be able find my way through the entire area. I was actually on Rose Island once, and saw the ruins, but now I know more about what it was and what it meant to others back in the day. A little mystery, a little love, and getting familiar with the old places was a great read I finished in two days. I just couldn't put it down! I was cooking and stirring the pot; all the while reading at the same time. (I can read better than cook.) I can't wait for more books from this great author!

Cheryl Reeves

Wow..what an ending! Totally didn't expect it! Great writing. Intriguing twists and turns. Brought me to thinking about "Mists of Avalon" for some reason. SUPERB!!!
Dorothy Briestansky

Intelligent, witty, well-researched and replete with historical fun facts! Ms. Chambers makes Rose Island come to life again through a fine amalgam of fact, fiction...and legend! Great read!

Bill Haswell

Took your book "Rose Island" to read on the way out to San Jose, Ca. and I could not put it down. I finished it in two days. Needless to say I think everyone will love it!  Love love love this book! Thanks for writing it! Sandy Wittenauer

My copy of your book arrived and much to my pleasure you wrote about Shady Glen. My dad, Louis Guenthner was a member before they even built the present building. He bought the house next door (down river side) and we had many good times there. When I was still in high school I went to Shady Glen's New Year's Eve dances. Dad's name is on a plaque at the clubhouse. He spent many hours cleaning up after the frequent floods!

Sharon Guenthner

Just finished Rose Island. I must say never a dull moment. It moved so fast, it was like riding a roller coaster. Multiple characters influenced the plot and I thought I had the outcome all figured out but in the end it was a complete turn of events!

Delbert Wittenauer

What a wonderful book, a "Terryfic" story mixed with history and mystery. This was a very engaging read that kept me interested and wondering what was going to happen next.  The end of the story was incredible, WOW, I didn't see that coming, or that, or that.   GREAT job! 

Rick Weed

Bought your novel for my kindle.....absolutely LOVED it! My mother and father visited Rose Island many times and often talked about it. As I live on the river it was significant to me! Loved the way you incorporated the historical facts with an engaging story. 

Pat Raines 

This book has twists and turns that you will love ! Plus if you like history of this area of Kentucky it is spot on an excellent choice to read👍 

Noreen Culver

Finished this book in one afternoon and what a fun read it was. I loved the historical references and detail and getting to know each of the very interesting characters in this story. Looking forward to reading more from this very talented author. 

Patti Mahlandt

This is an interesting bit of history about a former amusement park on the Ohio river. The characters involved are unusual, and the situations will keep you wondering what’s next. It’s a good read 

John Herzfeld

The anticipation to finally get this book in my hands was well worth what was delivered. A powerful story of a local landmark that includes today and years gone by. A definite page turner filled with mystery, suspense, romance, discovery, and history of the Louisville Kentucky and Southern Indiana area. I loved every page and truly appreciate the time, effort and dedication put forth by the Author, Terry Chambers. Thank you Terry. I am so looking forward to your next written adventure.  


Loved this book! A suspenseful romantic thriller entangling destinies from centuries beyond the grave!  I especially love how "Part I - Today", "Part II  - Yesterday" totally connects with "Part III - Tomorrow". The gold coins were a significant piece of the puzzle as well.

Kim Grau

I finished your book over the weekend and loved it. I wanted you to know that I was thoroughly entertained and enlightened by your book and story. I liked the characters and the way you entwined Louisville trivia into the storyline and will highly recommend this book to my friends and family.      


Thank you for the opportunity to read Rose Island.  Set in the Louisville, Kentucky area this mysterious tale blends historical fiction with familiar surroundings in a way that draws the reader into the story.  It is compelling and entertaining.  

Rob Gamage

Multi-talented!!! Great stuff and I know you will be successful😁

R. Adam Williams 


I am a 62 year old female, living in Louisville, Ky all my life.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story, finishing the book over the weekend.   The ending was a surprise but it fit the story perfectly.   I especially liked the titles of each chapter: very clever and cute.    All the trivia and tidbits about life in and around Louisville was fascinating and entwined into the story in very interesting ways. Loved the book and would recommend it highly.   A GRITS,

Pam Wessel

Hi I just finished the book.  I live in Waterloo, Illinois.  I enjoyed the story and found it easy reading.  The story pulled me in wanting to read on till I reached the end.  The ending was  ironic.  Perhaps a bit of Karma...  Thanks for the opportunity to read this book.

Peggy Ries


I was excited to read your novel; it was well worth reading. I am very picky about the books I read and this one was easy to read and enjoyable. There were parts that I just could not put down and the ending, well what can I say was great. 

Marlene Williams

Glamour grit and nostalgia combine as we revisit the traditions and trappings of the leisured classes back then and empathize with the struggling characters who served them.  Atmospheric and provocative by turns, this book has the reader questionng the many layers of the past and the ways they affect us and reveal themselves in our time.

Julia A Robb


I found this an engrossing story and one with so many references and descriptions of places and landmarks, both past and present, that it will be especially engaging for local residents. I must make one final observation regarding the several mention of ladies' shoe sizes. I found the references to sizes 8-10 probably unrealistic for the mid thirties when I would expect a size 6 would have been a more accurate average.  Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate in this adventure!

LEH  Shelbyville KY

Being from Louisville and hearing about Rose Island (and actually sneaking over there years ago) from my grandmother made this a really fun read! So many familiar places and names. A good friend is actually in the book!! 

Donna Abell